Light Intensifier Tubes

The heart of the performance of your Night Vision Device

Basic Tube - Photonis

Basic Green
Octobre 2023
Basic White
Octobre 2023

The basic tube from Photonis that we offer is in our opinion the best tube to start in the Night Vision world with an unbeatable price/performance ratio.

Light Adaptation : Basic tubes are autogated.

Performance : Photonis doesn't put any minimum Figure Of Merit (FOM) on these tubes, most of them are around 1400, with a max FOM of 1600.

Field of View : Optic fiber diameter is smaller than ECHO and Commercial tubes in general and gives you a 30° Field Of View (FOV) instead of the 40° "standard". However, used in “XL” products (NODS14-XL, NODS-31 XL) or NODS-02 with adapted lenses, it provides a standard 40° FOV.

Each tube comes factory sealed with original factory specsheet and a 12 months Photonis warranty.

Echo Tube - Photonis

ECHO tube from Photonis is the best available tube from the commercial line.

It features Ultra-Fast Auto Gating which makes it usable in any conditions.

It FOM (Figure OF Merit) stands between 1600 and 2000.

These tubes come as small Anvis 10160 type as standard but we can provide you with any type you want (PVS7 or PVS14 manual gain type), feel free to contact us in this case.

Each tube comes factory sealed with original factory spec sheet and a 12 months Photonis warranty.

Echo Green
October 2023
Echo White
December 2023

Green or White Phosphore

Our tubes are available in White or Green, which matchs to the two types of phosphore's hue. Choice is yours and depend on your output's preferences.

On the two pictures below, left one is Echo White in a NODS-14, right is Echo Green in a NODS-14