Monocular maintenance
  • Monocular maintenance
  • Monocular maintenance

Monocular maintenance


Give your monocular a makeover! Night vision devices are designed to be resistant to external aggressions but can deteriorate over time, in particular through a loss of sealing which exposes the device to humidity and dust.

At NODS, we offer you the maintenance of your device, whether or not it comes from our store.

Your JVN will be tested, cleaned and revised. Parts to change? We will prepare a free quote for you.

Our maintenance package, carried out in our workshop, includes:

  • Checking the proper functioning of the device
  • Fasteners control
  • Dusting and degreasing of lenses
  • Purge the inside of the device with nitrogen and check for leaks (change seals if necessary)
  • Adjusting the optics
  • Depending on the diagnosis, we contact you if you need repairs not covered in the package (tube, lens, electronics) and establish a free quote on request.

Please note that our maintenance package does not take into account: black spots on tubes (tube damaged beyond repair by a light source) / scratches on lenses. It does not include shipping your equipment to our workshop.

You need to pick the DHL delivery if you want us to ship back your NVG.