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ORION V2 Echo14
  • ORION V2 Echo14
  • ORION V2 Echo14
  • ORION V2 Echo14
  • ORION V2 Echo14

ORION V2 Echo14


The ORION is the first binocular fully developed and engineered by NODS. It is 100% made in France

The ORION Echo-14 offers a very good price/performance ratio due to the use of Echo-14 tubes from Photonis

This binocular is articulated in order to accommodate any inter pupilar distance. Each tube can be independently turned on or off by simply rotating the pod up

On each pod you have access to a 3 pin connector which will allow to plug in some modules like a battery pack or some IR led (modules currently under development)

The ORION is made out of strong polymer which is very sturdy and offers great resistance to shocks

Features of the Orion-S V2:

-Design V2

-Electronic V2 

-Housing fully treated with Cerakote Gen2 NIR

In order to comply with the french regulation, we do not supply any hands-free mounts such as helmet mounts or dovetails

Phosphor type: Green Phosphor (P43)
Lenses: Standard lenses

Magnification 1x
Optical System

Basic: 25mm F1.2

XL: 18mm F1.2

Field of view (FOV) 

Basic: 36°

XL: 47°

Focus Range 0.25m - 
Battery 1x CR123A
Autonomy 40h
Dimensions 115 x 105 x 74 mm

Basic: 533g

XL: 545g